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Millennial Ditches Smartphone For A Week – What He Discovered May Surprise You…

People are alarmingly addicted to their gadgets,

with their faces turned to their smartphones rather than to the world around them or the faces of family or friends.

One millennial decided to put away his smartphone for a scary seven days and found out some startling life truths about himself, and how putting what he believed to be an indispensable item away allowed him to experience life as he never had before. Jeremy Berke, a 23-year-old Business Insider news reporter, took on an experimental assignment assigned by his editor to actually put away his smartphone for the space of a week.

smartphone 1

Jeremy’s default position before the smartphone-less challenge. Having been the proud owner of a number of smartphones since the age of 12, Jeremy was doubtful he could make it through the 7-day digital detox, but took on the challenge anyway. On the way, he learned several things about himself.

Source: Jeremy Berke

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