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Mythical Creatures That Haunt Your Kids at Night

Chupacabra – Slide #1

Popular Mythical Creatures from around the world are as frightening today as when their stories were first told.  Many still argue about whether or not some of these beings exist, or existed, though, thankfully, most are likely only residents of the imaginations of their cultures of origin.  Some truly dark minds thought these things up, perhaps to scare children into behaving, or keep people close to town at night.


Chupacabra.  This modern day myth is barely 21 years old, this year.  First “sighted” in Puerto Rico in 1995, the Chupacabra, or “Goat Sucker” is said to be a spiny backed large dog-like creature that sucks the blood of livestock.  There are factual accounts of livestock with three punctures to their bellies, drained of blood, both from the 1995 sighting, and from 1975 in Puerto Rico.  It’s also worth noting North America has seen many livestock mutilations and blood lettings in modern times, where popular myth attributes the attacks to aliens.


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