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No Pre-Nup – 21 Most Expensive Divorce Disasters

Ahhh….. sweet, sweet love.

Mysterious and intoxicating.  Everything glows, food tastes better, all is right with the world.  You cannot believe your luck.  She (He) is the one.  So you take the plunge.  Holy Matrimony.  Happily ever after.  A lifetime of sharing, baring, and caring.  That is, until it’s over.  Then reality smacks you upside the head.  The Big D.  Divorce.  You are going to split and start from scratch.  No harm, no foul.  Just a memory.  Unless, of course, your brain was so addled before the marriage that you did not get a pre-nup.  Then things get UGLY.  Quickly.  Your wallet (purse) is throat-punched, your bank account mercilessly hammered.  Click and see what happens when you are filthy loaded rich, but are too damn dumb to protect yourself.  A fool and his (her) money is eventually parted…especially with no pre-nup.

1. Madonna and Guy Ritchie- Slide #1

Madonna and Guy Ritchie No Pre-Nup


Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorced in 2008, after 8 years of marriage, with one son and an adopted son together. Neither has stated any smoking gun in their divorce, but, the settlement, of approximately $92 million dollars, was for Guy Ritchie, not Madonna. Both are highly successful, but, Madonna was, by far, the wealthier of the two, and that left Guy Ritchie entitled, under British Law, to the large settlement.

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