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Vintage Handbags: Fashion Statement like a Boss!

These Vintage Handbags Are Creating Fashion Statements Like A Boss!

As Bo Derek puts it, “Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” Shopping truly is the happiest feeling in life. It cures all kinds of monotony and you’ll always come back to home with something gorgeous to show for. On behalf of all ladies, I think it can be safely established that the best kind of shopping is the one for vintage handbags! Let’s face it, handbags are to women as chocolate is to ice cream. You just can’t get enough of them! Whatever be the season, whatever be the reason, there is a handbag for every mood.

All a woman asks for is something that will make people go “Wow!” How would you like to own a few of such wows? Take for example a ‘Dolce & Gabbana Miss IPhone Case & Coin Purse’. This delicately sequined purse was introduced in the fall of 2010. It is not only a vintage luxury but is still an instant hit with its perfect blend of attitude and style among fashionistas. In short, the bag has wow written all over it!vintage-handbags-stella-mccartney-pink-clutch

I don’t think there could be a dreamier handbag than ‘Stella McCartney Pink Leather Beckett Clutch’! First of all it’s pink and while we are at it, a Stella McCartney product! For a day out with your special someone, pair this vintage handbag with blue jeans, white shirt, and your favorite stilettos. Leave out all the rest to the power of pink.

Don’t we all wish for that one handbag which goes with almost every outfit, is suitable for casual outings and office alike, and makes everyone ask “Where did you get that?” What if I tell you that there is a bag true to every word of this description! A ‘Burberry Black Patent Quilted Hoxton Hobo’ will be your new game! After all, nothing ever goes wrong with black, right!vintage-handbags-burberry-black-patent-quilted-hoxton-hobo

When it comes to handbags, sling bags are a woman’s best friends forever. Why you ask? One, they’d never go out of style; two, they are super convenient; and three, they are stylish all at once. These vintage handbags have been setting trends, all around the world, just like this ‘Dolce & Gabbana Beige Leather Crossbody Chain Bag’. Pair it with trousers, or midi skirts for that unconventional look. Envy is now inevitable just like with the limited edition ‘Louis Vuitton Water Color Papillon’. Imagine how many heads you would turn while walking with these beauties in your hand.

Experiments with a handbag are a designer’s biggest adventure. Monogram on a nylon bag? Why not! How much would the limited edition ‘Louis Vuitton Bulles PM’, which by the way comes in the evergreen beige and navy combination; or a ‘Valentino Rockstud Multicolor Bag’, the coolest concoction of edgy and ladylike, slay in your next office party or at a girl’s night out. Trends may be a thing subject to change, but vintage handbags are a constant. Blessed be the one who introduced women to the joyous world of handbags. Amen!vintage-handbags-louis-vuitton-dolce-gabbana-vintage-handbags is the only online platform in India from where one can buy 100% authentic vintage handbags at affordable price with EMI option.

PS: I do not claim the ownership of images!

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