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Wealth-Seeking Goddesses Maneuver Their Way Through New York Fashion Week

“Yes Baby I’m happy! We had a perfect view of his entire collection and we’re meeting later in the week to go over my order” says Harper referring to Christian Siriano’s show this past Saturday afternoon at Artbeam on 540 West 21st St. Face timing during New York Fashion Week with her 50 year old lover who’s in Dallas Texas overseeing his brokerage firm, he promises Harper that she can have anything she wants as money is no object. Looking out the window of her hotel room at The Plaza in Midtown West she says “Christian knows how to dress these Texas curves and I’m sure we are going to have the same success with Oscar!”

This is Harper, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, and she and her twin Riley are the cream of companions, the Maserati’s of their gender in Goddess form. And just like driving a Maserati carries a certain amount of status, so does having either of these girls on your arm. Not yet old enough to drink, but engineered to master the skillset needed to harvest only the wealthiest of men to be companions for, by their Mother. Their Mother ensuring they are smooth rides worth every penny a luxury package offers.

“Sit still Angel, your iv is going to come out!” smiles Elisa, the twins Mother who patiently fidgets as Harper and Riley are worked on by a team of stylists like pit crews readying race cars at Daytona while attached to vitamin B drips before Oscar de la Renta’s show this Monday afternoon.

As Elisa, whose name has also been changed to protect her identity, gets up to inspect her 2 human masterpieces, she notes that Riley, the older twin, has a chip on the Red Carpet Amor 24 Polish of her right index fingernail. And this just won’t do for this $5k 24 karat gold gel manicure.

“Can someone please fix this?” asks Riley, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, politely gleaming a perfect set of teeth.

“I remember being 5 years old, Mother tapping my tummy and telling me to suck it in as she painted my nails saying “A man always deserves for you to be at your best and chipped polish Riley is you not being at your best!” Harper says she remembers their training started when they weren’t allowed to eat cake at a friend’s 11th birthday party as their Mother said to let the other kids have those calories, they would thank her later for making them pass on the chocolate deliciousness.

Managing the logistics of their physical transformations and calculating a mapped out future of luxury for her daughters has not been an easy task.

“We WERE and ARE like regimented soldiers going to war daily. Focused solely on the embodied version of what a perfect woman looks like, IS like and WHAT that perfection can buy. Plastic Surgeons in LA are our best friends! When we tell you that Mother has them on speed dial…..” Harper’s voice trails off as she smiles and shakes her long gorgeous red hair.

Harper goes on to say that their physical beauty is just one aspect of being WHAT the wealthy want to be seen with. Now that they are of legal consensual age, they are expected to be “experts in the bedroom” as well.

Along with over $200k in plastic surgery for each of the girls, and their monthly $20k in maintenance a piece, another $150k has been applied to in house sessions with sex brokers who expertly navigate the twins to captain the bedroom as every man’s fantasy would.

“This is a competitive society we live in! It is important for Harper and Riley to be aware that your beauty goes like that” says Elisa snapping her finger “Why waste it on Frat boys who don’t offer a payday when you can skip all the boy’s with big dreams and start at the top with their Fathers who are already accomplished.” Elisa says that she has made the girls hyper aware that meeting their wealthy lover’s every need bares fruit as with this trip to New York has so far. “Yes, both my girls are involved with married men, but this isn’t some covert mission in which the plan is for them to leave their families and marry my girls! Not at all! This is for them to travel in the circles of luxury so when they have built a cushion of extravagance and indulgence, they will be ready to marry affluent fellows who will continue to provide the opulence and leisure the twins are used to. They are my business and I micro manage because I only want what is best for them!”

Elisa says she doesn’t like the term “Sugar Baby” as it defeats how hard she has worked to create quality companions in her twins. She emphasizes that Harper and Riley are NOT just a couple of transient girls on social media with “go fund me” pages who want a boob job. Her daughters, says Elisa, are so much more than that and equates them to Socialites traveling in all the right circles, not commoners.

I wonder if her daughters have ever been referred to as “gold diggers” by anyone or has anyone accused her of being a pimp. “Of course not! The twins are wealth seekers not gold diggers! Gold diggers have cheap extensions and post naked selfies, my daughters are trophies, huge difference! As far as myself, I don’t run a brothel, I manage a process and don’t ask for 50% of the money they bring home! I’m their Mother, not their pimp!”

As Harper and Riley are getting ready for Oscar de la Renta’s Spring show at the Morgan Library and Museum at 4pm this afternoon, you are reminded that they are not even old enough to drink. Maneuvering themselves through New York Fashion Week though, they hold their own with NYC’s society of movers and shakers like pro’s. Their eye on the “karat” traveling from show to show, they are sure to get exactly what they want. These wealth seeking Goddesses will make sure of that, and so will their Mother.


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